Chapter 3: Basic data types and property

Basic data types

sCrypt is a strongly typed language. The basic data types include:

  1. bool: boolean value, true or false

  2. int: signed integer

  3. int[3]: Integer array of size 3

  4. PubKey: public key

  5. Sig: signature

Among them, PubKey and Sig are subtypes of bytes. If you want to know more about basic types, you can check language reference documentation


Each contract can have several properties, which can be accessed through the this keyword in the function of the contract, as in Object-Oriented languages:

contract Test { int x; bool y; bytes z; public function unlock(int y) { require(this.x == y); } }

Put it to the test

The Tic-Tac-Toe game contract supports two players. The contract needs to save the addresses of the two players. After the contract runs, the contract automatically sends the locked bitcoin to the winner unless the game ends in draw.

  1. Define two attributes alice and bob, the data types are both PubKey.
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