Chapter 6: Bitcoin Script

This chapter and next are both prerequisites for Chapter 12.

UTXO Model

Bitcoins are locked in outputs of transactions. To spend bitcoins in an output, a transaction has to provide a matching key in its input. Bitcoins can only be transferred to new outputs when the key can open the lock successfully. This is the so called UTXO(Unspent Transaction Outputs)model. As an example shown below, two transactions each have one input and one output. The input on the right spends the output on the left.

Bitcoin Script Language

Both lock and key are encoded in a language called Bitcoin Script. It is the instruction set for the Bitcoin Virtual Machine, an assembly-like low-level language. The script in the key and lock are called unlocking and locking script, respectively. An output consists of two parts: a locking script and bitcoin amount denoted in satoshis.

Script and sCrypt

sCrypt is a high-level language, compiled to Script. They are analogous to Java and Java virtual machine bytecode. Specifically, sCrypt public function parameters correspond to unlocking script, its body to locking script, as shown below.

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