Chapter 3: Data types and instantiation contracts.

Basic data type

In the previous lesson, We introduced the basic data types of the sCrypt language and how to use the sCrypt language to instantiate contracts. So when we use scryptlib to interact with the contract, we also need to pass data and instantiate the contract.

For each basic data type of the sCrypt language, scryptlib has a corresponding class, for example:

  1. int type corresponds to Int class
  2. bool type corresponds to Bool class
  3. PubKey type corresponds to PubKey class

The basic data type is the type supported by scryptlib by default. For user-defined structures or aliases, they need to be dynamically generated through buildTypeClasses.

const {Person, Male, Female} = buildTypeClasses(JSON.parse(descFileContent));

Instantiate a Contract

We have obtained the contract class TictactoeContractClass by loading the contract description file. Next, then use the new keyword to instantiate the contract.

const instance = new TictactoeContractClass( new PubKey(alicePubKey), new PubKey(bobPubKey), true, [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0] // empty board );

Put it to the test

  1. Use the TictactoeContractClass contract class in fetchContract to instantiate the contract and return the instantiated contract object

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